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10th Series of Legal Seminars on Overseas Investment and Financing for Chinese Enterprises Successfully Held

The 10th Series of Legal Seminars on Overseas Investment and Financing for Chinese Enterprise was successfully held in Shanghai on December 17, 2018.

Li Fei, Director of the Constitution and Law Committee of the National People's Congress, mentioned in his speech that China and Singapore are both on the Asian continent. Singapore is an important member of ASEAN and the rotating presidency of ASEAN this year. Great achievements have been made in economic and trade exchanges, the development of the Belt and Road and the mutual exchange and learning of the civilization of rule of law since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Singapore in 1990.

Xu Yibo, Vice President of the CPPCC of Shanghai, pointed out that this year is the 5th anniversary of President Xi Jinping’s initiative of the Belt and Road and the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up policy. Shanghai is a hub of the development of Belt and Road. Shanghai is famous for its reforms and is known for its openness.

The opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Legal Research and Service Center Sweden Station, the Norwegian Station and the Czech Station and the first Collaboration Alliance of Lawyers in Yangtze River Delta, and the debut of book Legal Research on Investment and Financing for Chinese Enterprises in the Philippines, Vietnam and Public of Korea were held at the seminar.

Cases as the Philippines Issued Panda Bonds in China, China Life Listed on A-share Market, Eastern Air Logistics First Launched Mixed Ownership Reform, Qingdao Haier First Successfully Issued D-shares Shanghai Construction Engineering Publicly Issues Renewable Corporate Bonds, and Hefei Intermediate People's Court Opened a New Breakthrough in the Independent Development of Asset Securitization Base Assets by Judgment are selected as classic cases in 2018. Zhang Ning, the renowned financial writer, shared her comments on these cases.

At the seminar, Francis, President-elect of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, Yao Hongmin, Director of the Research Center of Shanghai International Arbitration Center, Jack Li, the first-level lawyer of Jin Mao Partners, and Tan Qi, partner of Ernst & Young, shared their views on the Singapore Investment Law, the practices on Singapore arbitration law, the legal risk prevention of investment and financing for Chinese enterprises in Singapore, and the tax and law practice of Singapore-listed real estate trusts. Nearly one hundred experts from the central and Shanghai-related state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises and experts in the financial and legal circles attended the seminar.

This seminar was jointly organized by the Listed Companies Association of Shanghai, PE Association of Shanghai Ernst & Young and Jin Mao Partners.