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Yaogang Shen

Graduated from the East China Institute of Political Science and Law, Mr. Shen obtained his bachelor's degree of law in 1983.

Practice Areas: Litigation, Arbitration, Company Law, Real Estate, Labor law.

Having obtained Chinese practicing lawyer qualification in 1983, Mr. Shen worked in Shanghai Second Law office in 1984 as part-time lawyer. Since 1991, Mr. Shen became the attorney-at-law and also the partner in a well-known law firm. He joined Jin Mao Partners in September, 2009.

Mr. Shen excels at litigation, arbitration, administrative review and other similar types of cases and has handled several hundred such cases to this date. He has gained universal acknowledgement among the legal community for his achievements in litigation and he is widely recognized as the prominent litigation lawyer in Shanghai.

Mr. Shen once participated in numerous high-profile litigation cases such as Rio Tinto case, and he has been providing specialized legal services for numerous world Fortune 500 companies.