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Kisey Li

Lawyer Kisey Li, graduated from Dalian Maritime University for bachelor degree with major of international law ?in 2001 and from Shanghai University of International Business and Economic for master degree with major of international law in 2004. Lawyer Li collaborated with Professor Zhou Han Min to write "Fusion with WTO".

Lawyer Li has bean a lawyer with good mastery of law and been experienced in practicing law and hard case since 2005.

Major engagement area: law affairs of company, labor dispute, merging and recombination, investment of foreign and so on. Lawyer Li masters in company law, labor law, contract law and law of foreign investment. She experiences in perfect corporate governance structure, optimizing rules and regulations of company, merging and recombination of corporation, account receivable, dispute of product quality and labor who can also give legal plan before and after the event in equity transfer, protection of rights of shareholders, corporation deadlock. Lawyer Li has supply good legal service for some large foreign company, private enterprise and publicly held company.