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Jimin TANG

Founding Partner
Practicing lawyer of P.R.C.?
Practicing fields: IPRs, real estate and construction project, company law and litigation.
L.L.B. from Shanghai University and LL.M from Fudan University
Mr. Tang commenced practicing of law in 1993. He is the Vice Director for E-commerce and Network Law Study Committee for the Shanghai Bar Association and a member of the Special Committee on Lawyers' Recreation and Welfare for the Shanghai Bar Association. In 2004 he was appraised as an advanced individual of Shanghai’s judicial administration system. He has dealt with several significant cases related to IPRs which was collected into the People’s Court classic case collection.?
His theoretical works that have been published include? Study on? Copyright Protection for Scripts of Legitimate Drama ,? Comments on a Case Regarding? Copyright of a Photographic Supply ,? Legal Protection for the Titles of Works, Goodwill and Relevant Legal Protection ?and Certain ?Legal Issues of Well-known Trademarks. ? Tel:021 – 63354059 / 63872000*1016

E-mail: tangjimin@jinmaopartners.com