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Yao Min

Yao Min, lawyer, Male, member of Communist Party of China, graduated from Nankai University in 1993, majored in International economics. After returning back to Shanghai, he got the JM degree from Fudan University. Now, a full-time lawyer and partner in Jin Mao Partners Law Firm.

Yao Min mainly deal with the legal work of finance and real estate projects. He used to work in the administration departments of real estate and construction projects in Shanghai government, and had worked for WOO, KWAN, LEE & LO, the largest Chinese law firm in Hong Kong.

Yao Min adhere to the principle that Efficient in action, Professional in speech, committed to protecting the clients’ legitimate rights, preference to clients’ legitimate interests. Solving problems and providing efficient help for his clients in legal field with integrity and responsibility.

TEL: 86-21-63872000